Goat in Hawaiian Shirt


Goat in Hawaiian Shirt
Goat in Hawaiian Shirt


Maddison Brittain and her goat, Dumbo, won the goat variety show Wednesday during the Jackson County Fair in Brownstown.

Lew Freedman | The Tribune

BROWNSTOWN — Maddison Brittain of Norman was not going to be out-shopped when it came to outfitting her goat named Dumbo for the Jackson County Fair goat variety show Wednesday evening.

Brittain undertook the challenge, making sound investments, going door to door at Hobby Lobby or Goodwill, whatever it took, to dress Dumbo in singular finery for the annual contest.

After a week’s worth of preparation, Dumbo was prepared like no other and was led onto the Show Arena 1 dirt for an unveiling. It should be made clear the variety show does not involve singing or dancing or telling jokes, merely display. So when it comes to comparing, it is more akin to Halloween than any television show.

Dumbo wore a long-sleeved shirt, a white mop as a wig, trailed some googly eyes from his head and was accompanied by Brittan, who made herself some horns sticking out of her head and a lengthy tail trailing in back attached to a blue T-shirt and cutout patches stuck on.

The googly eyes, trailing in the breeze as Dumbo walked, were from Party City, Brittain said as one source of her materials.

The attention to detail, the overall presentation of woman and goat, combined with the effort invested, earned her first place. So said the judges, who consisted of the fair royalty court.

This is Brittain’s last 4-H season, and she began thinking about how to go out with a bang about a week earlier. She has entered this goat competition year after year and regularly placed first and second.

After the presentation of the ribbons — Brittain’s was blue — she led Dumbo over to his on-campus fair stall and stripped off the extraneous gear. The goat appeared relieved. Brittain then posted a “champions” sign over the stall.

The depth of competition was thin this year — just four entries — but that didn’t mean it was insignificant.

Sarah Helt of Seymour was just dipping her toe into the variety show event, her first one with her goat, Moonpie, named for the character using that name in the TV show “The Big Bang Theory.”

“I just like doing things with my goat,” Helt said of what motivated her to enter the offbeat contest.

Austin Richart of Seymour showed off his goat named Bud with an athletic presentation. Bud seems on his way to a potential professional baseball career once he learns to swing the bat. Richart carried a mini-Louisville Slugger of the type available for tourists at the Louisville Slugger Museum Factory.

Bud’s contribution was to waltz around in a brightly colored baseball jersey, clearly showing the number 13.

“It’s my favorite number,” Richart said.

No one told Richart No. 13 is seen as an unlucky number in many quarters, but then his argument could be buttressed by the fact Alex Rodriguez, Roberto Clemente and Dave Concepción were among those who did wear it on their uniforms.

Maggie Wynn of Freetown, who is a fan of Chick-fil-A food products, turned her goat, Dottie, into a walking billboard for that restaurant chain’s advertising campaign. Dottie wore a two-sided cardboard sign draped over her body. One side read “Dress Like Me Git Free Chikin.” The other side read “Eat Mo Chikin.”

As a bonus touch, Maggie herself wore an apron decorated with chickens all over it. The apron was made for her and given to her about a month ago by her great-grandmother.

Clearly, the quartet provided goat variety.


Goat in Hawaiian Shirt
Goat in Hawaiian Shirt

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