We’ve all had that Christmas sweater that we owned but vowed never to wear. We totally made it into a holiday tradition though, but spent many years since embarrassed for having worn it in the first place.

Unfortunately, the Dinosaures made by Jacques Rudolph are about as cool as those rundown Mall of America stockings- not really a name you want associated with your design.

The DINOSAUR JURASSIC PARK UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER features Rudolph’s monsters “after hours” and wearing insanely colorful sweaters- Holiday horror!

In the film, “Jurassic Park,” during the disastrous laboratory incident, a handful of people attempt to escape on an emergency helicopter. The call comes in that it is leaving and chaos ensues as over a dozen people crowd around it to board it.

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Steve Ebbert watches an old male elephant getting his feet caught in wire dipped in bees while trying to get a trunkful of sugar cane from one field into another.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the PARK DINOSAUR UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER ($108) is the perfect holiday gift for that person who likes to chuckle themselves into hysterics.

The truth is, you don’t even need to know much about Jurassic Park to appreciate this silly Christmas sweater. The moment your friends catch sight of it, they’ll be dying of laughter. Trust me, this will be a cherished part of your wardrobe until the bitter end.

PARK DINOSAUR JURASSIC PARK UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER has taken off in popularity recently mostly because of its cute story behind it- which would be the fact that I have a preference toward ugly sweaters.

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Not everyone is a big fan of Christmas, and retail stores looking to foster that sentiment by helping their clientele reach for a different kind of christmas apparel altogether.

Swag dolls teamed up with JBL to create ugly sweaters themed around jurassic park on an adult’s sizing chart. The design features the velocithor, brontosaurus, and diplodocus wearing layered sweaters and long sleeves with reindeer tights underneath.

The new line also includes eerily monstrous versions of first responder characters like ED309 and Mr. DNA.

Y’all need to make sure that you don’t buy this ugly Christmas sweater!

So Eric and Susan glanced over the web but found nothing interesting. That’s when they decided to walk into the store. Actually, it turned out to be only one store: a hot dog stand with a small selection of tacky ugly Christmas sweaters picked up from yard sales, second-hand shops or online discount retailers.

The dinosaur pattern fit their needs nicely – the overgrown T-Rex didn’t seem too costly, at least not as expensive as they had feared ☹.

The studio originally wanted to create an animatronic head that could talk and interact with the visitors, but it would have been impractical for visitors in the museum; The T. Rex design went through many revisions, and Spielberg’s original fascination with Velociraptors was overruled by the designers.

Jurassic Park has been popular since 1990 and continues a timeless classic revered today. However, John Hammond and his team of scientists are not often given credit for their innovation in de-extinction technology due to Jeff Goldblum’s charismatic portrayal of Dr Ian Malcolm, chaos theory mathematician.




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