Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt


Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian Shirt is a perfect option for any occasion. Wear it to the beach, out on your day-to—it’s versatile and fun! The colorful pattern will put you in good spirits no matter what kind of moody weather we’re having that particular season; plus this attire isn’t just great with guys but also girls who want some extra flair 

Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt
Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt



As best buys go, you can’t improve upon this twin set of electric heaters from Primrose. Adjustable, you can change their height from 5ft9 inch, up to 6 foot 11inch, as well as choosing from three heat settings, which makes for a pleasingly malleable experience – you can heat up your garden progressively as the night wears on.

It’s also IPX4 rated, which means it is safe for use indoors and outside.

Well made, durable, and featuring an adjustable head – able to be tilted 45 degrees – it’s ideal for angling as and how you wish. Additionally, the bulbs are energy efficient, offering 2,500 hours lamp life.

Buy now Herschel Sunset Hawaii Remote Controlled Hanging Electric Patio Heater

discrete, over-hanging heat


If you’re after an elegant heating solution, this chain-mounted patio heater is stylish and unobtrusive. It’s safety rating makes it ok to use under a canopy or roof.

Utilising infrared heating, it’s safe and silent – and efficient. The heat is instantaneous once switched on (well, five seconds – but it’s impressively quick). With a heat radius of up to 7 metres squared, your whole garden party will be warmed.

{{#hasItems}} Best Deals Available {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{/items}} Morsø Ignis Firepit & Grate


This stylish firepit is from Danish brand Morsø Ignis, who have produced cast-iron goods since 1853, and perfected the art of working with the sturdy material.

Naturally, this firepit & grate is fashioned entirely from cast iron, portable, and gorgeous.

With a deep bowl and high sides, your fire is well shielded from the elements. A good ventilation system also helps keep your fire burning.

As you’d expect, the cast iron helps create and radiate ambient heat. The grate is great (forgive me) for cooking on, as well.

Buy now Josper Low Metal Firepit, Black


We love this sturdy, handsome firepit from Made, which emits some serious heat. Choose charcoal or wood fuel and it will emit a glorious, long-lasting burn.

The bowl is separate from the base, making it easy to clean out once you are down, or to flip over when raining to protect any wood inside. It’s durable enough to withstand bad weather, but easy to move around as well – a very reasonably priced higher-end firepit.

Buy now BioLite Smokeless Firepit+


If you thought fire was so primal an element it couldn’t have a technological edge, you’re mistaken.

This ‘smart’ – and smokeless – fire pit allows you to control the height of your flames via a Bluetooth app. It’s still wood-burning, it’s just that, should you choose to amp things up, air jets are deployed to fan your flames with oxygen.

Great for holidays camping, or a beach house, you’ll be seriously impressed with the efficient, smokeless flames and instant heat. Well worth the price tag.

{{#hasItems}} Best Deals Available {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{/items}} Reclaimed Iron Kadai With Grill


Nkuku pride themselves on reclaiming natural materials, and this stunning fire bowl is a great example of how they take something care-worn and turn it into something beautiful.

‘Kadai’ fire bowls are traditionally used as cooking bowls in India, which this lovely, cast-iron fire pit can also be used for – perfect for BBQs.

Our only issue is that it comes with no cover, so you’ll need to store it inside or in a garden shed when it rains if you want to avoid the bowl/ash overflowing.

Buy now Cube Steel Firepit

the coolest way to heat up


Firepits are undeniably sexy, offering heat by way of open flame, making them evocative as well as cosy. This model is easy to assemble. Made from hand-finished steel, it’s built to last, heats up like a dream, but easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Hungry? There is a custom grill to sit atop it, so you can get duel-service from your firepit as a BBQ grill. It’s light enough to be fully portable, too, so you can take it to a friend’s house or the beach if you fancy bringing some instant atmosphere with you. A winner.

Buy now Mangonia Cast Iron Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit


Good-looking, effective, and able to burn charcoal and wood, this fire pit is an inexpensive option. It’s weather resistant and handsome to look at.

A great fire pit if you don’t want to make a huge financial outlay.

Buy now Planika Chantico Glassfire Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace


If it’s eco-credentials you’re searching for, this freestanding patio heater will meet your requirements -it runs on bio-ethanol, a fuel bi-product of food waste.

As a fuel, it is clean-burning, without smoke or smell, and better for the environment than gas or wood-burning heaters.

With a burn time of three and half hours, it will keep you cosy for the evening, and is able to be used indoors and out. Completely portable and compact, it’s everything you need to stay warm. Looks a treat, too.

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In conclusion

For more garden furniture inspiration, read our guides to the best garden furniture 2022, where we review everything from garden swing chairs to dining sets, deck chairs to sun loungers.

Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt
Cook Islands Rugby Customize Hawaiian Shirt

Looking for a shirt that screams summertime fun? Look no further than our Hawaiian Shirt! Made from 100% kate silk, this shirt is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for those hot days. But what really makes this shirt stand out is the all over printing – it’s eye-catching and vibrant, sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just hanging out with friends, our Hawaiian Shirt is the perfect choice. So don’t wait – grab one before they’re all gone!


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