It’s ugly sweater time.

The ugly sweater is a special outfit that’s worn to make the people around them a little more comfortable with their condition. Holiday sweaters from this range make you feel a little less awkward about every “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party you’ve been going to for the last three years–remember, it’s all about being cozy.

If someone comes up to you in an old school busch light christmas sweater asking for directions at the mall…you might want to look at the label – but don’t worry, these sweaters really are in style!

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Have you ever opened your closet and pulled out an ugly clothing article? You know, that ugly Christmas sweater or cocktail dress that you wear to get laughs and not admiration? You weren’t born in the wrong era. BUSCH LIGHT is celebrating UGLY (and by so doing . . . saving the world) with proudly hideous articles of apparel for all seasons!

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With just a little creativity, any ugly sweater would be turned into something fantastic! Plus, combined with the joy of giving to others and spreading the holiday cheer, it would make a great Christmas gift. Hats off to the marketing department at Busch Light for coming up with this genius advert to keep their true fan engaged in holiday season.

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For forty years now, the seller has been selling Christmas sweaters. With over twenty million units sold and customers to almost every continent.

Busch lite Ugly Christmas Sweater is your ticket to one laugh oer pop of VIP’s evening wear on Christmas. This festive swagger belongs law enforcement with its not-so-festive finish and a snow no more than wide turtleneck in red zipper that only draws eyes to you as opposed to the nightstick at your waist.

True winter (or no) where you live, enjoy this fall sweater while it lasts!

The day after Thanksgiving kicks off the height of Ugly Christmas Sweater season in America. Go all out with the ugly and play it cool this holiday season with our line of seasonal clothe featuring a range from jaw

The shirt has a few phrases that endorse drunken behavior, drinking in excess, and having a lot of fun.

Some find this funny while others might take offence at these phrases and avoid such a lighthearted context due to these.

This survey suggests that college students will not buy a Busch Light Ugly Christmas sweater as they did not want to do as the company urged which were to drink all the time–considered offensive by some




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