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Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set

Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set
Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set

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It is ensured that the set will last for years.They will always keep you comfortable at night.The quality and the appearance of this set is often endorsed by celebrities.We want you to have not only a peaceful sleep but also a pleasant dreams.This soft, 100% cotton YSL bedding set is wonderfully elegant. So it’s appropriate for any occasion and complements any dcor.It really is exclusive, chic and made of the finest materials. The decision to purchase this should be a no-brainer!

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The sateen duvet in neutral browns and whites is lacy at the top and weighted for fullness, with a matching decorative trim around the edges. The thicker cotton percale sheets start with a soft blue plaid before falling into more muted shades of tan, brown and grey.The double-sided quilt, meanwhile, start with a floral pattern on one side before morphing into classic white on the flipside.

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Green Bedroom DesignBedding Sets IdeasThere are 34 states in the U.S. Today, we shopped for Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set including four bed sheets and one pillowcase on online story. This luxurious bedding set combine separate and queen sizes of four pillowcases with matching decorative designs. What’s more, it has a quilt, which is perfect clothing to ward off the chilly weather.The Linneus offers various products to our customers since 1982. We offer all item on low price, such as yves saint laurent bedroom set luxury bedroom set, 3 piece Bath Towel, Clothes Sleeve Rack folding drying rack holder and so on!Please enter our site now!This is a lush 4-piece, 100% cotton and 100% silk brushed combed sheets package includes full sheet set, 1 pillowcase and 3 pillowcases. The designer also includes optional wooden wardrobe drawer fasteners. The included bedtimes are made exclusively of woven linen that stays luxurious during years of sleep. These sheets have carefully been through automated weaving machines in a 105 quality check to make sure they’ll last under the toughest conditions without fraying or pilling.

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Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set
Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set

The world is all about taking iPhone pictures and sending them to your significant other. But do you not want to wait for the carrier pigeon?These days, it’s very trendy to have a 3-D printer nearby for those times where you may need a physical object, ASAP.A company called Print on demand is opening up up new experience when it come to the luxury bedding sets industry. Get ready because they are bringing it at a go-go in terms of pricing and uniqueness.Quality can’t be part of the action sling—not on this account What better way to express your personality than with a designer creation staking space right in your bedroom!While headboards are considered vintage trend these days—remember “Three’s Company” full

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There is usually a concept of luxury in mind when selecting the fabric and other details to make an exquisite a luxurious experience. However, the luxury that this Unisex Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set offers is not just found in its aesthetics.These are often choices that people make based on varying factors. The trend in luxury sheets spans from silks to satin as well as including durable, breathable cotton. Consider this decision carefully and compare each option accordingly with your personal preferences so others can create top-notch sheets for you too!Few people could afford the luxury of a custom-made Milanese steel bedframe, queen-sized Saint Laurent silk sheets, and Eagoni, Venetian four poster bed frame with gold metal + hand painted headboard. People who buy these all in one set are often affluent members of royalty, quite literally swept off their feet.

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Even in dusty environments, materials such as cotton and natural wool absorb moisture and reduce allergy symptoms, as well as present a pleasant cool feeling when the temperature goes down.Yves Saint Laurent beddingsets are made of quality materials, so they store warmth well. Moreover, they offer allergies reduction benefits because of their excellent airflow system. Our wide selection of colors makes it easy to color coordinate with the style that suits you best!


Our latest line of bedding products is designed to provide silk like comfort set back the luxury and decadence of sleeping in bed. With a 3D printer, we went even further to give you an experience no human’s touch will be able to replicate.We have chosen prints that are inspired by flora and fauna which are found right in their most natural form. We have worked closely with artists around the world, so that we can stay on top of new art movements also keeping our prices reasonable. Prices start at $200 for a Twin Size Bedding Set, however custom placement may increase the price.

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Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set
Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set

Initially, the designer’s agenda was to produce a set of useful and necessary items, but they came up with generic designs that could be sold widely. Yves Saint Laurent’s innovative design is to present highly tailored items – “a series of asymmetric shapes so original that immediately brought to mind femininity, seductiveness and style.” (Melanga).Yves Saint Laurent Sateen Shams – $295This Saint Laurent bedding set features pillows with contrasts designed with twisted stitches for a radiant effect and rayon sateen that has a soft and silky touch. Available at Barney’s New York.

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Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set
Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set Luxury Bedding Set

Inexpensive Yves Saint Laurent Bedding Set sale.Design: The beds were put on a dark, grid-like pattern which looks great when combined with the crisp, white comforters and sheets. It also appears to be good for those who are trying to match their bed clothes with a color palette in their room that has neutral colors because this design won’t jump out at you like the others may. Durability: Not very good for hot sleepers or those with back pain because of a lack of support in some parts of the beds, including only having one pillow rather than two. Plus some testers said the setup-weight is enough to potentially cause wear and tear over time if you’re not careful while moving it around your bedroom. Price


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Luxury bedding, sometimes referred to as Egyptian cotton, is thread count of 400 or higher, double-leaded thread and sometimes even triple-leaded. It has a luxury feel and look that you would expect from a high-end down set.This Yves Saint Laurent’s European duvet does not disappoint. The duvet set has ample cotton tufting for ultimate comfort and luxurious 300 Thread Count Pima Cotton Sateen Bridal finish.

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Yves Saint Lauren – a designer and fashion house based in Paris – has always been at the top of their game. Since its inception in 1961, the company has made its name synonymous with style and high quality fabrics.Knowing this very well, luxury bedding company Urbanara focuses on creating a line of high end and luxurious products that are inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic styles and designs. There’s the YSL bolster pillow bed where each one is elegantly embroidered with five twisted ropes from which it hangs on to and drapes down to create signature sleeves reminiscent of Marjorie Castelbajac’s most exquisite sketches – an outward sign of her true admiration for this Parisian house favourite post-hoc couture stapleVery recently, Urbanara also acquired NY designer PaulaA Yves Saint Laurent duvet will be without a doubt make your bedroom look chic, trendy and luxurious.

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