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Funny Ultra Maga Vintage American Flag Ultra Retro Shirt

Funny Ultra Maga Vintage American Flag Ultra Retro Shirt
Funny Ultra Maga Vintage American Flag Ultra Retro Shirt

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When it comes to prints and colors, you want to go ultra-vintage, don’t you agree?This article contains a plethora of US paraphernalia, some with ‘ultra-retro’ qualities. This selection of American pieces is for both men and women. The colors are apt for July 4th celebrations and any other day you want to celebrate the Stars and Stripes.Exciting stuff that can be worn in a plethora of ways!This shirt is a part of our special American flag section. It is combining the American flag and a slogan to glorify the significance of the symbol. The slogan reads ‘Don’t Taze Me, Bro! I’m American’ in bold letters which amplifies the message further. These funny t-shirts are designed using retro styling with ultra bright colors to suit every occasion.The slogan that this shirt carries, in bold lettering, is ‘Don’t Taze Me, Bro! I’m American’. Amplifying this message further would make it resonate with anybody who views it on social media or any other context where one may want to wear this t-shirt. The content for such a shirt may be picked based on its product categorization (

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Funny Ultra Maga Vintage American Flag Ultra Retro Shirt Series American Flag U is an ultra retro two-tones version of the very popular Funny Ultra Maga Vintage American Flag, iconic and star-spangled with an all-over bleeding print. A funny vintage Grateful Dead skeleton can be seen front and center in his boots, not dissimilar to the adventuresome hikers hoisting a euphoric thumbs up from underneath the US’s sacred stripes.

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The American flag is most often seen as a staple in opening ceremonies at every stadium, big or small. USA is not called the land of the free without a reason.Vintage American Flag, Ultra RetroFunny vintage shirts: US flag pulls leg cracks one.Every time she hears someone loudly yelling “USA!” she feels relieved. Both Americans and foreigners get her current USA fatigue, she’s had it since the day everyone found out about Russia meddling in our elections. She could only shake her head as President Trump continued his barrage of insults to the country of Mexico. But then he revealed plans to bring us American jobs by adding an intention tax on imports from Mexico like televisions and cars – certainly nothing good when others will suffer more in order for America to win…right?

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