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I really love the notebook and box!! . green was the color of the grass. Cheryl Ann I need the $30 journal at the end but I have to pay to get my hair done this wkd! Hate being on a budget, lol. ALL of her merch is so fkn cute!! . In Jesus name. Now or due season. How do I see you ?. Yes, we will never meet each other in this life forever. Even I am going to be the President of United States of America.. Can you send me little money which you dond need Luko Kisic Dubrovnik Croatia. Do the hoodies run big or small?. It reminds me of a song long ago…kinda Rippy, Skippy, Hip HOP…I think it was Aretha Franklin who said, “WHO’s ZOOMING WHO?”. Just ordered ours!!! 10 weeks to get here….. KIDNEY FOR SALE!!!. In Jesus name The beatles in my life lyric poster Aunt Bello has no biological children

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Heidi Anne   · FollowGirl… You’re in love with nature like me. 690 . P1LOT   · FollowIt’s been inspiring the way you’ve pushed through such big hurdles thru all the legal stuff, pandemic, etc and had the biggest bounceback ever. Congrats on the new release. More W’s125 . Gregory Abbott   · Follow…..a soothing piece of work……encouraging self reflection…….centering……36 . Full Force   · FollowI still listen to this masterpiece 54 . Ryan Moore   · FollowSo awesome! My Taylor Swift playlist: SwiftTaylor Swift25 . Ajay Lobo   · FollowCongratulations for 1 year anniversary! Stay home stay safe!35 . Kara Connolly   · FollowThis album was 2020. Got us through. Love you TS 84 . Craig Edwards   · FollowCongrats on the 1 year of the album! You knocked it out of the park! 671 . Ajay Lobo   · FollowThe world famous singer! And the model also congratulations for 1 year anniversary! We really supporting to you and your voice is awesome! Really really big fan!142  The beatles in my life lyric poster

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