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Top fanJehlé PretoriusThank you for folklore. It truly changed everything for me last year.6 . Alma ShreyaFolklore is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! If heaven has a sound, this album is it. In my darkest nights, this album was it. Thank you Taylor Thank you so much. For giving us everything, just like the heart attack you gave me by this post10 . Sharona MelkerThank you taylor for giving us this masterpiece album, I love it so much and I love you more than words can describe 9 . Marrielle Anne BactasaFolklore is a life-saver. It saved me in so many ways. I’m grateful because you dropped it during those unexpected times where I needed it the most. Stay safe and healthy. Sending love <3310 . Taylor Swift NationHappy 1 Year OF Folklore 145 . Holly IrvineHappy 1 year of folklore, quite possibly my favourite album but it’s hard to choose when you have so many greats! The Lakes is definitely one of my favourites, thank you for this poetic masterpiece 7  Jamey Johnson Lead Me Home Lyric Poster

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Angel DivineThis album has been my therapy for a year, every bit of mixed emotions you created alongside your music has been my safe haven. And my ghost will always linger with your songs and world you created inside them. I LOVE YOU, Your music and the family yo… See more9 . Daisy VillaganasThank you, Taylor. Folklore saved me from sadness and anxiousness that I was feeling. It was like a comforting, huggable pillow to me when I badly needed a hug. 8 . Danico Ramos  · FollowHappy Anniversary 44 . Claudette V. PentoyMom, I drew you! 53 . Gener Bundalianour satanic rituals worked, you won Album of the Year 20 . Jonathan Rae CrisantoThis album made me a Swiftie. Thanks so much!13 . Bảo ChèListening to this album feels like a whole new picture of you having been repainted in a marvelous, though mysterious way. It was such an experience that I dared myself to let it swallow up my energy from dissecting every word to comprehending the chap… See more6  Jamey Johnson Lead Me Home Lyric Poster

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