This is my human costume I’m a Flamingo 3d Hoodie


This is my human costume I'm a Flamingo 3d Hoodie
This is my human costume I’m a Flamingo 3d Hoodie

“I can see you in your pink costume, it is a flamingo!” My father called out. “See how colorful and vibrant it is? This is why I bought this for you! You are going to be the best looking guy at the party tonight, with me dressed as an eagle.”

The party was swarming with people in costumes of all shapes and sizes. There were princesses, cowboys, robots and more. But there was one particular person that stood out from them all; my dad standing next to me dressed as an Eagle.

I’ve been a flamingo for as long as I can remember. It started out that my parents liked the way it looked and then, before she died, Mom told me that I could be whatever costume I wanted to be. And since they loved their flamingos so much, it just made sense.
My dad always said he didn’t care what costume his little girl was wearing because she would always love him no matter what. That’s how our family is- we all keep each other going even when things get tough. Dad’s been sick lately but Mom says he’ll be alright soon enough with some rest and good food in his stomach

“I get knocked down. But I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.”

A bright orange bird, donning the traditional colors of a Flamingo, strutted across town with an air of confidence and pride in his step. “If you want to be like me then you need to do all of these things!” he exclaimed, pointing at himself with one wing while the other pointed at some more basic birds sitting on a fencepost nearby. They looked curiously back at him before turning their attention elsewhere when they saw that he was not stopping for them or anyone else who might be watching from behind windows and doors along his path to wherever it was this confident bird was going next

This is my human costume I’m a Flamingo 3d Hoodie

This is my human costume I'm a Flamingo 3d Hoodie
This is my human costume I’m a Flamingo 3d Hoodie

This is my human costume, I’m a Flamingo.

“I can’t believe this is my first day of school, I’m so nervous. Everyone was talking about how the new kids were going to be there and that they’re not nearly as scary as we were led to believe.”

I was so excited to be dressed up as a flamingo for Halloween. I was given this human costume by my friends who thought it would be fun to see me walking around wearing it. I felt like an animal and just couldn’t wait to show everyone how cool the outfit looked on me. When I arrived at the event, people were giving me weird looks because they didn’t know what was going on with my feathers sticking out of my head and all over myself.

“Mom, can I wear my new Flamingo 3d Hoodie to school?” asked the small girl. Her mother looked at her daughter in horror. “Can you hold off today then? You still have that really bad cold and it would be better if you don’t go outside too much.”

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