Snowflake Ice Crystal Tumbler


Snowflake Ice Crystal Tumbler
Snowflake Ice Crystal Tumbler

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Shimmer and Glow

Glass and precious stone make your vacation bar shimmer. Lift the shine with splendid frill and glittery lighting. Region an unmistakable punch bowl toward one side of the bar and fill it with bubbly punch. Make decanters packed with splendid wines and spirits a piece of the bar’s stylistic layout. Hang a reflect in an elaborate steel outline toward the rear of the bar. Organize bunches of votive candles on great of the bar. Hang lit stars or snowflakes over the bar. String sparkle lights across the bar or fold small battery-controlled sparkle lights into a glass bowl or container.

the whole Trimmings

Deck the front of your bar with a wreath or laurel to your picked shading plan. Region break mixed drink napkins, liners and swizzle sticks inside advantageous accomplish of visitors. Fill a tumbler with peppermint sticks for visitors who need to give their beverages a minty mix. Tie little adorns in unmistakable tones to wine glass stems with strip so guests will not lose their beverages. With hued chalk, make a menu of included occasion drinks on an outlined board. Show the menu on an easel or hold it toward the rear of the bar.

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