Most good musicians I know; or know of; are aware of and comprehend the intricate and universal structures that make up music and music theory. The patterns that imbue the sound with its power, emotion, or influence – the complex interweaving of proportion and connection – the overarching formulas that allow music to be. These are what most musicians understand and extrapolate from the music they write, perform or listen to.

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If you’ve ever listened to a song you love with a musician, that musician might either reinforce your opinion strongly or make you question that opinion. Musicians typically analyze and deconstruct music into its constituent parts. This is fun – so much fun. It’s like taking apart a stereo and seeing how it works so you can learn how to put it back together. Some think this destroys the beauty and emotional aspects of music, but to most musicians; it only strengthens it. We tend to criticize music more when it’s less than thoughtful, sensibly conceived, or intentionally composed.

Many other artists also realize this. It’s a line we/they walk between our personal vision and the compromises we make when utilizing the skills and passions of others to express this vision. Unless you conceive of an idea, compose every piece, and perform/produce every piece yourself; you can’t help but give up a degree of “control” over the outcome. Often this rubs many musicians the wrong way. Lead guitarists hate it when the bass player chimes in with an “idea”. The Original it’s a good day to teach ting musicians first chair violinist can’t stand being given advice from or overpowered by the percussionist.

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Music can be good or bad. Music can be liked or disliked. These two polarities are not mutually equal. Just because I like something doesn’t mean it’s good. And just because I hate something doesn’t mean it’s bad. I hate coffee, but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently a bad thing. The Original it’s a good day to teach ting musicians same can be said for music. There are many groups/performers I adore; many of which aren’t that good. And there are many groups/performers I abhor; many of which are quite talented. to be able to step back and analyze a thing for its true quality and character; without imposing one’s own opinion on it; is a skill most musicians learn to develop. An appreciation for the complexity, power, serenity of a piece of music might not overshadow one’s dislike for it. But most musicians can realize that appreciation, and it bleeds over into other aspects of life. It often keeps us/them from imposing our views on others; from forcing others to think the way we do; from placing our opinions above others’.

And beyond that, it’s in our heads. Always. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’m hearing music. Be it rhythms, chord structures, melodies. There is always something playing. Mentally. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but it seems to relax me. And when I actually hear music it’s a release as if my thoughts are being realized audibly. This sensation doesn’t belong singularly to musicians, but the bulk of those who experience it either is or will become musicians eventually.

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