NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas SweaterNFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater


NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater


NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater

“It’s the day before Christmas and we’re all about this ugly sweater,” said Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. “I’m not sure if it was a good idea to call our team Ugly Sweaters.”
The players were given their new uniforms for the upcoming season and they couldn’t be happier with them. It was finally time to get back on the field and take care of business after last year’s disappointing loss in Super Bowl LII. Jason Witten, one of the team captains, hoped that these sweaters would open up some eyes around the league: “We wear these unis because we know that we can play football too!”
Boys will be boys no matter what people say!

It was Christmas Eve and Santa Claus’ elves were busy at the workshop making last minute preparations for the big night. One elf, Barty, who had been working on a Cowboys Ugly Sweater pattern all day looked up from his knitting needles to take a break and stretch his fingers. He could hear his other elf friends talking about how many orders they’d filled that day and bragging about their speed–he was amazed he hadn’t even completed one sweater!

Barty heard Mrs. Claus calling out to him from across the room: “Barty! The North Pole Police Department called; someone is trying to hack into our system!” Barty dropped everything and dashed over to her side of the room as she tapped away furiously at

“Hey, y’all! I was just over at the Cowboys store and I saw that they have this real cute ugly Christmas sweater!” he shouted. “It’s Dallas Cowboys colors with their mascot on it…just in time for Christmas.” All of his teammates turned to him and smiled because they all knew how much Brandon loved football.

NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater


NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater

It was the most joyous time of the year. The Dallas Cowboys were in full swing, winning streak behind them, and Super Bowl right around the corner. I was sitting on my couch watching every game with a few good buddies when I noticed something strange happening to my sweater. It started out as little red dots but they turned into bleeding splotches within seconds. One of my friends pointed at me frantically while another fell back onto his chair clutching his chest in horror. As they both looked down at their sweaters, turning from green to pink, I finally realized what had happened: someone spiked our beer with ketchup!

“Hey, Tony!” Rick yelled as he saw his best friend walk into the room.

Rick put down his phone and got up off of the couch to greet Tony. Rick was wearing an ugly Christmas sweater that said Dallas Cowboys on it. He looked ready for a party or something like that with all the lights in the room turned off so only what little light there was shone through because this time of year usually means long evenings indoors without much sunlight pouring in from outside. Rick wasn’t always one who liked seeing people during this time of year because everyone seemed grumpy and uninterested in getting out much which made him feel sad. But now that Tony had arrived, he couldn’t help but grin like a fool at how bright-

“Gimme that, you little @$$hole!” shouted the linebacker as he leapt over a chair and tackled the other man. The two wrestled for control of one of those tacky holiday sweaters your grandmother would wear, waving their arms in the air like googly-eyed puppets.

Shocked by the ugly sweater, I couldn’t believe that this was a real thing. Who in their right mind would want to wear something like this? But when my boss told me I had to wear it for Christmas Eve with all of my other co-workers, I knew there was no getting out of it. In the back room, where we were all waiting for our turn in front of the camera, everybody else started laughing and pointing at each other’s sweaters. All these hideous colors and patterns made me feel both embarrassed and insulted. As if wearing one wasn’t bad enough!

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