Release us another progression. We also are called to affirm in the Holy Spirit, to become paracletes, sofa-beds. The Spirit is requesting that we exemplify the solace he brings. How might we do this? Not by delivering incredible discourses, but rather by gravitating toward other people. Not with dull words, but rather with petition and closeness. Allow us to recall that closeness, empathy, and delicacy are God’s “brand name”, consistently. The Paraclete is telling the Church that today is the ideal opportunity for soothing.

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The Paraclete is likewise the Advocate. In Jesus’ day, advocates didn’t do what they do today: instead of talking in the spot of respondents, they just remained close to them and proposed contentions they could use in their own protection. That is the New San Francisco 49ers Hawaiian thing that the Paraclete does, for he is “the soul of truth” (v. 26). He doesn’t have our spot, however safeguards us from the misdirections of evil by moving contemplations and sentiments. He does so cautiously, without compelling us: he proposes however doesn’t force. The soul of double-dealing, the detestable one, does the inverse: he attempts to drive us; he needs to make us imagine that we should consistently respect the appeal and the promptings of the bad habit. Allow us to attempt to acknowledge three ideas that are common of the Paraclete, our Advocate. They are three crucial cures to three enticements that today are so boundless.

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The primary exhortation offered by the Holy Spirit is, “Embrace the here and now”. The present, not the past or what’s to come. The Paraclete confirms the supremacy of today, against the impulse to leave ourselves alone incapacitated by animosity or recollections of the past, or by vulnerability or dread about New San Francisco 49ers Hawaiian what’s to come. The Spirit helps us to remember the beauty of the current second. There could be no more excellent time for us: presently, at this very moment, is the unparalleled opportunity to do great, to make our life a blessing. Allow us to embrace the here and now!

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