Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts


Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts


Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts
Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts

I was living in a small town and it was getting colder and colder. I had been thinking about leaving soon because the only thing there to do is go into this one bar that everyone knows you if you’ve ever set foot inside of it. One night, I went home after work and found a package on my doorstep. It was an ugly Christmas shirt from the Arizona Diamondbacks with gnomes on them! I didn’t know who sent it or why they would want to send me such an odd present, but I knew someone up there must have seen me struggling and thought what better way than funny shirts?

I walked up to the store, my heart pounding in my chest. I had never been this close to a gnome before. It was terrifying! He stared at me with his big, beady eyes and dirty beard. The wind blew past us and he shivered then looked back at me with that same snarl on his face. I took a few steps closer to him until we were both standing right next to each other, towering over the cement sidewalk by about three feet tall. “What are you doing?” I asked softly, not wanting to scare him off so soon after making contact with one of them for the first time ever.”

When I woke up this morning, my entire house was decorated with gnome figurines. There were at least twenty or so in every room. I looked outside and saw a group of people carrying more of the same little statues onto my porch and placing them on the front lawn. When I went to investigate, there were even more gnomes surrounding me! It was an invasion!

Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts

Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts
Gnomes Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts

“Bah, humbug!” said the dwarf. “It’s cold outside and all this snow is ruining my gnome garden.” He put his shovel down and plopped himself on top of his pile of dirt. The dwarf was completely unaware that he had just uncovered a hidden diamond mine, but when he heard about it from one of the dwarves working nearby he ran to take care of business.

“Ugh, I’m so tired of these gnomes that keep popping up every where,” the woman sighed as she looked out her window for the hundredth time. She was getting very irritated and exhausted with this whole situation.
One day she finally got fed up and decided to make a change. After spending hours on Pinterest, she came across something called “Gnome Arizona Diamondbacks Ugly Christmas Shirts.” It seemed like it would do the trick- because how could anyone be afraid of something as cute as a dashing little gnome wearing such an ugly shirt?

Gnomes are an interesting species. They are not human, but they still think and feel like one. One day, the Arizona Diamondbacks came out with their new line of ugly Christmas shirts for men. The gnome population was outraged! Why would someone produce something that was so unattractive? The gnomes then organized a protest to go to Chase Field in order to show how much they don’t want these shirts because they’re ugly and should never be made again.

“Oh my goodness, they’re so cute! Look at these little guys!” A woman exclaimed as she looked into the window of a children’s store. The front of the store was decorated with gnomes wearing Arizona Diamondbacks ugly Christmas shirts that had “Christmas 2018” written on them in the team colors of black and teal.
She entranced by their cuteness, walked into the store to have a closer look. She picked up one of the gnomes to study it more closely when all of sudden, an arm popped out from behind her back!
The girl turned around in shock to find herself face-to-face with two big blue eyes staring back at her.

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