Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey


Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey
Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey

“Okay, so for this one I want you to think of the most breathtaking sunset you’ve ever seen.”
It was early evening in San Diego. The sun had already begun its descent below the horizon and cast an orange glow across the sky. It would be dark soon enough, but right now it was still light out on this particular beach. “What do you see?” he asked her eagerly as they walked along holding hands.
He felt like she may have been staring at him instead of the ocean’s surface when she responded with “I don’t know…a lot of different things I guess…” He shook his head slightly in frustration before turning back around to gaze out at the ocean again himself. She had never done well with

“Yes! I won the game with that last hit. It was a good day at the ballpark,” said Joe. He admired his handiwork on his new jersey, which he had put together himself in celebration of this victory.

She was in a hurry, but she didn’t want to forget the most important thing! She raced over to the Table of Contents and found it: “Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey.” She read about how this could be her dream come true. It was so perfect for her team, The Boston Red Sox. Now all she had to do is place an order…

Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey


Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey
Custom Kelly Green-Gold Split Baseball Jersey

I was so excited to see the jersey I had wanted for months finally come in. I had even picked out which number I would want on it, with most of my friends’ help. When I went to the store hours before they were set to open, there was already a line outside waiting to get their hands on one of these jerseys that many people waited weeks or even months for!

I had been planning this event for months, and now it was finally here. I had spent hours drawing up diagrams, picking out paint colors, and choosing fabrics for the custom jerseys we would be ordering from a company I found online. The whole thing came together beautifully as people got their team assignments the morning of the party. They bought shirts with their names on them in green-gold split baseball jerseys that matched what they were wearing!

I was in Seattle for my daughter’s birthday, and she had left her favorite Yankees t-shirt at home. She wanted to wear the shirt I had brought with me, but it wasn’t a Yankees t-shirt. I consoled her by buying this custom jersey that matched both of our colors.

I was getting ready to go out with my friends. I wanted to show them how much I love the game of baseball, so I bought myself this custom Kelly green-gold split jersey. When they saw it, they all said that it looked great on me and asked where I got it because their team colors are blue and red (the opposite of mine).

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