chicago cubs tumbler


chicago cubs tumbler
chicago cubs tumbler

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Cheez-It Has Merch So You Can Put On A Cheesy Onesie To Mattress

photo credit: Cheez-It

My #1 nibble in possible the total world is Cheez-Its. They’re extreme in my eyes. The saltines are hot and rectangular, tasteless and nostalgic, exemplary and current all on a similar time. So when I heard the tidbit brand is dispatching a web store with some Cheez-It-themed merchandise, I was all over it.

It’s known as CheezItHQ.Com, and it be the maker’s first-at any point on-line save with a wide range of crude products available. On the snacks-you-can-wear determination, they’ve socks with an unpretentious Cheez-It argyle-motivated example, a beanie, a fanny pack (!!!), a koozie, a wine sleeve and tumbler, a cover, a downy cover and a hoodie, all decked out in orange and blood red cheap goodness.

be that as it may, what truth be told gotten my thought changed into the Cheez-It super Toasty Bundle. For $139.99, that you can get the socks and cover with an onesie! It’s the best way to deal with crunch for your shabby nibble in some calm and warmth clothing.

selective to the site is a confined version Cheez-It extra Toasty Superfan 4-Pack. It accompanies the molded extra hot taste, a cheddar jack taste, an extra shabby character, and an especially zesty character.

Cheez-It isn’t the essential tidbit organization to plunge into the merchandise world. Frito-Lay dispatched its line of wearable snacks in November. A bunch of onesies, socks, sweaters, scarves, and frostiness caps had been made for the Doritos, Cheetos and Smartfood brands for the break season. We can best expectation additional bite brands notice suit so they can wear an onesie each time we get an instance of center of the night munchies.

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