Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater


Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater
Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater

I can’t believe my husband is wearing that Christmas sweater! I’ve told him time and again what to wear but he refuses. He’s so stubborn; it’s making me madder by the second. It’s not like he doesn’t know how important this day is for me, but now my worries are spilling out of control. I’m about to blow up on him when he finally notices how upset I am and asks what the matter is.

“It’s just that you don’t understand why today matters to me.”

He stands there looking down at his feet as if trying to think of something worth saying, then looks up at my face with an expression of regretful understanding before quietly asking “What do you want

“I’m sorry, but we’re sold out.” The clerk said, shrugging her shoulders and scanning the next customer in line. “Next!”

My heart sunk into my stomach as I bit my lip. I was so excited to get this for Sarah! It had been a year since she went through that tough time at work. We had never known each other very well before then because of our different schedules, but she helped me through one of the worst times of my life with some sage advice here and there. And now that it’s all over-or so I thought-she deserves something special from me on Christmas morning to let her know how much better things are now! But…I have no idea what size

I had barely gotten out of the shower, towel dried my hair and put on some clothes when I heard a knock at the door. It was probably just one of my neighbors coming to return something, but I wanted to make sure before opening the door. Walking over to look out window next to front door proved that it wasn’t anyone who lived in our building so I went back into living room then opened the door. Standing outside was a courier with an enormous purple box wrapped in ribbons and paper bows. The words ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater’ were written across the top in big pink letters which made me chuckle under my breath because there is no way this thing would ever fit him or go unnoticed

Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater

Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater
Breast Cancer Awareness Husband Love Ugly Christmas Sweater

“Enemy!” My eyes shot open at the sound of my alarm, and I jumped up to smack it off. It was 7:59am on October 31st; Halloween morning. For years, my wife has been getting me an ugly Christmas sweater for this day in particular because she knows that I love them so much. She’s always into dressing up in some crazy costume or another, but our kids are too old now for that kind of thing anymore so they never get to dress up with her. Needless to say, every year when I see the brightly-colored sweater with something like “I ♥ Boobies!!” across the chest I’m stoked!

There’s just one problem though… Last night my wife told

As I walked down the aisle of Target, my heart was pounding. My hands were sweaty, and my stomach ached with nerves. This is not how I expected to feel on Christmas Eve. I should have been excited to find the perfect gift for my wife, but instead all that filled me were dread and fear as I got closer to the gifts section of the store. It’s not like it had never crossed her mind before- she has always taken care of herself, made healthy choices when it came to food and exercise- but still there was this sick feeling in my gut that she would eventually get breast cancer too. We are only three years apart in age after all – if anything it could be even sooner than later–

So I’m a husband and my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s always been that way too, but now she’s even more so because of her battle with breast cancer. You know what they say, love makes you all do crazy things! My wife had one hell of a fight against breast cancer and it was for this reason that we decided to have our dear friend Becky make an ugly Christmas sweater as a show of support towards Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Lana’s husband is sitting across from her at their kitchen table. They’re looking into each other’s eyes, but they’re not really talking to one another. Her thoughts are on the new pink sweater she found in his drawer last week. It was a breast cancer awareness sweater with people wearing ugly sweaters and holding signs that say “love.” She had been so happy when he told her he picked it up for her because she knew how much she loved them and couldn’t wait to wear it around town! But then when Lana saw his face this morning during breakfast, something just didn’t seem right about him being home all day today either. When they did finally talk about what was going on, he said that he would be spending

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