Black Gengar Tumbler


Black Gengar Tumbler
Black Gengar Tumbler

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Gengar looks as an immense round pink animal with short arms and legs. It has an interminable vile smile all over and has spikes happening its lower back practically identical to a hedgehog. Its frowning eyes are a profound pink tone encompassing its beady dark understudies.

direct of Gengar

while Gengar may furthermore appear to be alarming, it’s a truly forlorn and energetic Pokemon. It will generally play hints on individuals through claiming to be their shadow, which is terribly innocuous for something that looks so vile. Furthermore, in the anime, Ash’s Gengar is anything but a wrathful or fiendish Pokemon before it be gotten, it’s in reality a forlorn Pokemon that was abandoned by its past mentor. Gengars and apparition structures, in nonexclusive, will in general be sad animals instead of noxious.

Qualities and Weaknesses

Gengar, notwithstanding all apparition sorts, are impervious to ordinary and battling arrangement moves. It’s incredible towards the grass and pixie classification moves, best taking half damage, just as toxin and malignant program type strikes, in resistance t which it takes 25% mischief. Gengar is as a general rule frail to assortments however, taking twofold mischief from ground, phantom, mystic, and dim classification moves.

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