Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater


Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater
Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater

It was a cold winter day. The rain poured from the sky as some people walked on by with their umbrellas, while others got soaked in the storm. In this downpour of freezing rain, no one could feel more alone than I did back then. I had been fired from my job at a factory and now that they were closing for good, it just felt like everything went downhill fast. So there I was sitting outside my car all wet and miserable when someone tapped me on the shoulder and handed me an envelope with a ticket to Miami inside!

It was a cold December day. The Miami Hurricanes were getting ready to play in the ACC Championship game, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. I got up, showered, dressed and made my way downstairs where I found my beautiful girlfriend Amanda. She gave me a big hug before we both left for the stadium because she had been invited as well from one of her sorority sisters that has season tickets. We arrived at Hard Rock Stadium where it was already packed with fans tailgating outside waiting to get inside to see the team play their final championship game of the year against Clemson who won last year’s title. Finally we were let into our seats which happened to be right behind home plate!

He was a strong and powerful Jedi, but he never seemed to fit in on the force. He always felt as if he wasn’t given a chance for greatness, so when Luke Skywalker apprenticed him as an older Jedi Master it was an opportunity of a lifetime. Now, with his first lightsaber clutched tightly in hand as snowflakes began to fall from the sky, Yoda had finally found his calling. The Force would be lucky enough to have such a great master like himself!

Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater

Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater
Baby Yoda Miami Hurricanes Ugly Christmas Sweater

You’ve been waiting for the perfect time to wear your new ugly christmas sweater. Tonight, you have a get-together with friends and you’re going to give them a good laugh by showing up in this Miami Hurricanes themed sweater. You pull it out of the package and realize that instead of being a Christmas theme, it’s actually an alumnus from Florida International University. “Oh well,” you say aloud to yourself, “I’m sure I can still make something work.”

It was a cold, dreary day in Miami. The sun had set before lunch and it looked as though it would never make another appearance. But I didn’t care because the M-I-A had just pulled into town on their Yoda bus to play some football. I saw that they were going to be playing the U of H at home so my friend and I decided we needed to go check out our old college stomping grounds one last time. We were feeling pretty low about leaving the school since next year will be our first Christmas break without any homecoming festivities but then we found this baby Yoda sweater at Target! It was perfect – white with black snowflakes for eyes and nose, red tie, green

He’s never been good at following rules, but baby Yoda is learning that sometimes you have to be. So he has taken the advice of his best friend who says “No matter what they are doing it wrong.”

Patrick Starfish told him this when he saw Yoda wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with palm trees on it and dolphins in Santa hats playing ukuleles.

After the first order arrived on December 19th, more orders came in. With Christmas right around the corner, they needed to sell more quickly. The store owner began to worry that he wouldn’t have enough time or inventory for all of his customers’ requests. Luckily, some other stores had some left over Yoda sweaters from last year and were willing to trade with him so he could keep up with demand.

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