Ampharos Pokemon Tumbler


Ampharos Pokemon Tumbler
Ampharos Pokemon Tumbler

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considering it probably gained’t have a Dragon flow, despite the fact that, this potential that contradicting Dragons sit in passageway of it safe. Likewise, it just so happens that Dragon-sorts have the fastest an ideal opportunity to win towards Mega Ampharos.

looking through all available Pokemon, the ideal counter to Mega Ampharos is Shadow Dragonite. This Pokemon has an enormous assault detail and can spam Dragon Tail until it expenses up Outrage for a short success. Shadow Salamence is proper toward the rear of Shadow Dragonite as a Mega Ampharos counter for an indistinguishable thought processes.

In any event, limiting Shadow Pokemon, Dragons are in any case the fastest choices to beat Mega Ampharos with. Garchomp is a decent counter since it’s a triple protection from electric moves. Haxorus and Mega Charizard X are also good counters, just as Palkia who developed to be a strike supervisor during the incredibly free up.

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